Gwen and the Green Thief: Complete

Well, here we are, the end of October.  I was, surprisingly, right on target when I said I’d be done by now.

Now that I’ve finished, I’ve been thinking about how I feel about this piece.

It feels like it’s been a long time between the start of page 1 and today.  I’ve learned quite a lot about the process of making comics.  I tried a lot of different story telling techniques.  Not all of them have been effective.  I’ve learned about my style and seen it develop somewhat.  Most importantly: I’m learning what I need to improve upon for my next projects.

As it is now, It’s very difficult for me to look at it objectively.  I’m sure in a week or two I’ll read it and see all sorts of things that I’ll wish I had done differently.  Though, as a whole, the project is somewhat sentimental to me.  The last few months have been interesting for me.  Keeping projects like this alive is what helped me motivate myself, which is something that I’ve been struggling with.

Do I think this comic is great?  Not particularly.  Did I have fun making it?  Yeah, I did.

What do I want you, the reader, to get out of this?  I want you to take a seat, read my comic, and hopefully enjoy it.  If you did, great!  If not, I’d love to hear your criticisms on how I can be a better storyteller.  I could probably use the help.

P.S. The images should be displaying correctly now.  If there are any odd RGB conversion issues with color saturation on a few pages, let me know.

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