A Fistful of Lunars

Hello Everyone!

I’ve been working with the lovely Tristan J. Tarwater on a little comic project called A Fistful of Lunars.  It takes place in the same universe as her series of fantasy novels, all of which are available on amazon.  You should really check them out, they are great.

But hey!  Lets say you want to just jump right into the comic while you wait for the books to come.  Good news!  It’ll be a stand alone story, so you won’t be missing out if you want to catch up the novels later.

So, please enjoy our little sneak peek at the first scene.  Tristan and I are still working at getting the whole thing to completion (as fast as I can draw!), and please keep an eye out for later updates when we get closer to finishing it up.

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An interview at Troll in the Corner

Hello everyone!

The lovely Tristan Tarwater was kind enough to chat with me about art and RPG’s.  Head over here to read it.

If you were linked here from the interview, we talk about a Sailor Senshi piece that I’ve only posted on my tumblr.

Thanks for visiting, and stay tuned.  I’ll be posting some exciting new concept art and comic pages for my next comic project!

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Stumptown Comics Fest


Michelle and I will have a table at the Stumptown Comics Fest this April 27th-28th.

I am pretty excited to be a part of it this year.  Both of us will have plenty of prints to purchase, as well as some comics(of course).  I’ll even be selling printed copies of my older projects like Gwen and the Green Thief.

If you want to see some of my newer projects, I will more frequently be posting about them on my tumblr.

Hope to see you at Stumptown!

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Emerald City Comicon

Hello all!

I have been posting an awful lot on my new Tumblr.  While I know I shouldn’t neglect my website, I am trying to branch out into other social media outlets.  I’ll make sure to cross-post more regularly.

I’ll be attending ECCC this year.  That should be fun.

As some visual content, have some Korra fanart.

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Not quite!

Well, I didn’t really make my goal of updating with 30 pieces.  However!  I did force myself into a pretty nice daily groove of practice drawings.  Additionally, I got pretty into some training sessions that, I think, helped to strengthen my core abilities.  While not everything I did was really worthy of being seen by others(hence, not finishing), I do feel that I chased away a little bit of creeping artistic stagnation by trying some new things.

Oh, here, have some of today’s practice doodles.

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I wanted to take a break from practicing so I did some fan art.  Also, I had been only posting monsters and practice drills when I realized that my front page didn’t have ANY nudity.  I couldn’t allow this to stand.

Nozoki Ana might be ending soon, and I wanted to draw fanart for that smutty masterpiece.

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Ctrl+paint had a training video about exaggerating facial expressions.  Mine aren’t too great, but these are the few that ended up O.K. from all my practices.

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I’ve been doing practice drawings for about 3 hours today, and I feel like I’m finally starting to warm up. Some days you really need to work at it to get in the zone.

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The following is a little collage of environmental practices I did today.  The first two are just simple colors added to the thumbnails I did the other day, but the others are exercises on improving color composition and thumb-nailing environmental concept art.  These are the only ones that looked OK enough to post.

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Just doing some studies of other illustrator’s sci-fi designs.

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